Rocca dei Ciclopi Aci Trezza (Acitrezza)

Rocca dei Ciclopi (also known as Faraglioni), located in Aci Trezza, are considered one of the most important places to visit in eastern Sicily for their enormous symbolic meaning. According to the mythology the Cyclops Polyphemus, son of Poseidon, and famous character of Homer’s Odyssey lived here.

It is possible to reach the rocks by boat and scuba diving nearby.

According to the legend, Polyphemus killed a young shepherd called Aci.

After his death the nymph Galatea, in love with the shepherd, ask the Gods to transform the dead body of her lover in a river which started to flow in the bay where the Faraglioni raise.

In relationship with this legend, many towns near the coast were called Aci Castello, Aci Trezza, Acireale, and so on to keep the myth alive.