Mulino Beach in Acireale

The Mulino Beach and its features

The Mulino Beach, located in Catania, to be precise to Acireale , it is a beach where the sea ​​is joined to the dry land by pebbles that mix with fine and thin sand, from the background the remains of an old mill, from which the famous Spiaggia del Mulino, all set in a nature reserve. To the blue of the sea, really immaculate and so clear that we can look through where it is possible to find rare species of fish, octopus, moray eels and hundreds of types of algae and crustaceans, contrasting the green of the rich and luxuriant vegetation of these areas that make the Sicily a land full of natural landscapes to admire and live. The real curious note that you will be able to see, once you are on the beach, is that the river Miuccio flows in this area, the river is known to posterity for its roots linked to mythological history. Not only the sea, the river, but also the presence of fresh water near the salinity of the sea, it is, in fact, possible to see sections of fresh water at the coastal area.

Mulino beach and the paths

But how do I get to this wonder? Well the path is made up of paths, being in a natural area the road to reach the sea implies that at a certain point you have to proceed on foot doing some healthy running between the paths. The path will allow you to admire the surrounding landscape completely immersed in nature. The Mulino Beach is, in fact, set between the rocky area of ​​the Timpa and the green vegetation characteristic of the area. The paths require appropriate clothing and special shoes to tackle the hardships due to the presence of lava stones, but the effort deserves as it is possible to see natural elements that you are not used to seeing in the city and that you can touch. The paths that connect to the beach are many, but we recommend the Scala d’Aci path, which is one of those that allows you to have a better view of the landscape starting directly from the center of Acireale .