Street Art Silos

international artists immortalized with their artwork the most famous mythological creatures in the surface of silos in the port of Catania. The artists that contributed to this meaningful work of art are:

  • OKUDA with his work called “La bella di Bellini” honoured the famous catanese composer Vincenzo Bellini;
  • ROSH333 from Spain with his “Oraculo” represented the explosive energy coming from the forge of the god Vulcan;
  • MICROBO from Italy with the artwork “Il moto perpetuo di Scilla e Cariddi” representsed an infinite twine of vortex;
  • BO130 from Italy wanted to incite to tolerance towards empoverished populations representing the myth of Colapesce with an artwork called “La storia non scritta di Colapesce”;
  • VLADY ART from Italy with the artwork “Barattoli” cans minotaurs and mermaids into a soup can similar to Andy Warhol’s:
  • DANILO BUCCHI from Italy represents Minotaurs;
  • The duo INTERESNI KAZKI from Ukraine painted “Triskelion e La fuga di Ulisse da Polifemo”.

In september the portuguese artist VHILS completed the project painting the side in front of the sea.