The “Candelore” (or “Cerei”) are fundamental features of the celebration. They look like big candles in gilded wood, adorned with statues of saints and episodes of Agatha’s life. At present there are 13 of them, but in past times there were up to 28. They represent the craft and trade guilds of the town (florist, greengrocers, butchers, etc.) and some districts of Catania (Rinoti, Villaggio Sant’Agata). In addition to these, there are also the Candelora of “Circolo Cittadino di Sant’agata” and the one of “Monsignor Ventimiglia.

The Candelore generally start showing off in the town since the second half of January, to announce the celebration, accompanied by bands. Despite the weight (ranging between 400 and 900 kg), the Candelore are carried on the devotees’ own back while swinging with their typical movement called “annacata”.

On the 3rd of February, in the morning, the Candelore get together for the offer of the wax to the Patron Saint, while the 4th they head the palanquin of Saint Agatha to enlighten the procession, although today it is no longer necessary.